2 07, 2019

Want to become a Solution Architect? Very good presentation about role and requirements

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Very good presentation about Solution Architect job, responsibilities, skill-set and all the little things that make Solution Architect a real necessity in modern, developed companies that work on multiple systems and applications: https://www.altexsoft.com/blog/engineering/solution-architect-role/

15 03, 2016

How to securely erase hard drive

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I was looking for some tool to securely erase couple of hard drives. I used to work with DiskWipe by roadkill but somehow in Windows 7 sometimes it couldn't lock drive, thus cannot erase it. While searching for a new tool I found a nice article, especially regarding using a hammer and nails to erase [...]

26 11, 2015

Monitoring Windows hosts and services with Nagios Core

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After successful installation of Nagios Core we can start to monitor various hosts and services. Overview of what can be done is below. Full specs of Nagios Core features can be found here. Table of contents: Nagios features overview Overview of this guide Nagios tasks that will be accomplished Monitoring Summary

29 10, 2014

How spam comments are generated and submitted to your arcticles and posts…

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Most of you, who post some information or stories on your blogs have encountered spam comments. There are many plugins/tools/addons to help you filter out spam comments and messages. But this post isn't about that. Some of you might wonder, how those messages are generated. There is simple script that generates messages from lists like [...]

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