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BLACK BLOB SOLUTION (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

For many users with this black blob/dot issue, the problem is caused by a defective Bluetooth add-in for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Black Blob Word 2007 FIX (Similar process for Excel and PowerPoint, just use excel.exe, and powerpnt.exe instead of ‘Winword’ in the following)

  1. Click Start button –> Type Winword into the search box
  2. Right click on Winword –> Run as administrator –> Click yes
  3. Click the Microsoft Office Button at the Top Left
  4. Click ‘Word options’ at the bottom
  5. Click the ‘Add-ins’ Tab
  6. Dropdown box at the bottom –> Manage: “COM Add-ins”
  7. Click Go…
  8. Uncheck “Send to Bluetooth”
  9. Press OK

Additional Notes:

  1. The defective Bluetooth add-in is usually installed by a Bluetooth driver. (In my case – Intel Centrino Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 + High Speed Adaptor (v1.1))
  2. Updating your Bluetooth driver (or reverting to an older version) may also resolve the problem.
  3. Unfortunately simply disabling the add-in through the Word options may result in a 3 second freeze when loading Word 2007. (If this is a problem, changing to a different bluetooth driver version may be the better option)

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