3. Nagios tasks that will be accomplished

Like I wrote at the beginning, there are lots of stuff that nagios core can do. We will focus on basic monitoring and notifications that are most commonly used. Those tasks include:



  • Hard drive capacity
  • Running Services
  • Free RAM
  • Host uptime
  • Host alive


Event report

  • Event reports for Hosts
  • Event reports for Services
  • Event reports for Network

Summary report

  • Summary report for Host groups
  • Summary report for Services groups
  • Summary report for Network/devices

As you can see there is quite a lot to monitor. Some may say: what for? Answer is simple. To know quicker, to react faster, to have less user complains and finally: Look of a ISP admin face when you as an IT admin tell him that they have a failure before they became aware… priceless :)

Let’s start some monitoring!