Install newest version of Debian and upgrade

Ok this is quite easy job to accomplish:

  1. Download newest ISO from I always download net install. It takes a bit longer to install, but there is less upgrading afterwards
  2. Burn or mount the ISO and boot from it
  3. Select either Graphical Install or Install(classic). The later is a bit faster(it’s simply classic install with dos like theme)
  4. Select language, keyboard and set up all accounts and passwords
  5. Do NOT select anything apart from SSH and Standard System Utilities:
  6. Install Debian
  7. After finishing reboot machine and log in to the shell
  8. Update and Upgrade:
    apt update && apt upgrade -y
  9. Install tools required in your environment. My VM runs on Hyper-V so I install hyperv-daemons, reboot at the end:
    apt install hyperv-daemons make sudo nano -y
  10. After reboot configure sudo and add yourself into sudoers. This will make life a bit easier:
    nano /etc/sudoers

    add yourself to the file, just below root,save the file, exit and reboot:

    your_user_name ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL
  11. Log back and sudo, you should not be prompted for password when using sudo -s