My name is Miłosz Engel. I am passionate about Systems Administration. I like to face new challenges and test new environments.Windows and Linux Debian boxes (both physical and virtual) are my favourites. I like solving problems related to Windows Server roles and services as well as Linux but some systems in particular. I’m not considering myself as Linux master but surely, I always do my best to fit the needs. On the other hand I consider myself a Windows Server Professional and in terms of WS and Windows Desktops I always follow best practices, good advices and opinions from other admins.

I started this blog for few reasons. Mainly just to have one place to memorize all those little and big things I encounter in my everyday work. There are (and will be) lot of small and fast fixes as well as complete tutorials for installing and configuring different type of things. Another reason is to have feedback. Yes, this is important to me since nothing is more valuable than constructive opinion(even negative) from users who are on the same boat:) Lastly, it is for you, dear reader. I don’t mind sharing my knowledge because I do remember how hard is to find some information on the Internet.

I hope this blog will help you and maybe even encourage you to leave a comment for which I am grateful.