26 11, 2015

Monitoring Windows hosts and services with Nagios Core

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After successful installation of Nagios Core we can start to monitor various hosts and services. Overview of what can be done is below. Full specs of Nagios Core features can be found here. Table of contents: Nagios features overview Overview of this guide Nagios tasks that will be accomplished Monitoring Summary

23 11, 2015

Nagios Core installation guide on Debian 8.x (Jessie)

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Nagios Core serves as the basic event scheduler, event processor, and alert manager for elements that are monitored. It features several APIs that are used to extend its capabilities to perform additional tasks, is implemented as a daemon written in C for performance reasons, & is designed to run natively on Linux/*nix systems. More information [...]

18 07, 2014

Starting nagios:No directory, logging in with HOME=/

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After installing and successfully starting nagios server you may encounter a warning: Starting nagios: No directory, logging in with HOME= This is reported because install script or you didn't create a /home directory for user nagios. To solve this simply follow these steps: Create a /home/nagios directory and change permissions (all executed as sudo): mkdir/home/nagios [...]

11 07, 2014

Enabling NRPE linux monitoring

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If you have an working Nagios Core monitoring server and some Linux machines (physical or virtual) you might want or even need to monitor their state. Nagios is a cool and free solution that makes this quite simple. After you have deployed Nagios Core 4.0.x and up as a monitoring host you need to install [...]

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