I think most of you remember times when saying “Skype me” was totally normal and common almost like Google it. These days Skype is trying to keep up with the rest of the world already using Whatsup, Messenger and other communicators. To be honest I think Skype days are over as we are in mobile era and mobile era uses communicators bound to mobile numer instead of some user names etc. Also, performance of Skype app in my opinion is getting worse even though, we have faster computers. Making long story short, more and more users (I think) just don’t need it. Like me – my last colleague that I used Skype with – recently typed me a message like this: we’re switching to Whatsupp, Skype is annoying.

No wonder that Microsoft tries to make people users to come back to Skype or simply put – force them. Because how can you name situation that even when you uninstall it – IT COMES BACK RIGHT AFTER REBOOT WITH THAT huge login screen taking almost whole screen?!

There are plenty posts about how to get rid of Skype App but looks like Microsoft is trying to hide it as best as it can. I think this is completely wrong approach and this will end up people consider  Skype as some kind of “bloatware” taking up resources and doing something in the background even though, not logged to it.

You cannot remove it from Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel – it’s not there!

You can right click on it in Start Menu and choose Uninstall – but it will come back after reboot

You can search for it in Apps in Settings Menu and choose Uninstall/Remove – but it will come back, anyway

For me, only reliable solution to remove Skype from Windows permanently was to use PowerShell to remove it for all users:

Open PowerShell as an Administrator and type:

Get-AppxPackage *skype* | Remove-AppxPackage -AllUsers


This will remove Skype for ALL USERS of the computer. Keep that in mind.

Taking above way of removing Skype from Windows permanently makes me think that Microsoft tries to force users to come back to it but I think that the outcome will be just opposite.