Hello again, it’s been a while since my last guide for OCS Inventory NG but since OCS Inventory team released version 2.5 I decided to update my guide, well rewrite it from the scratch, actually so we can enjoy the new version!

What will be needed:

  1. Access to the Internet – yes, that’s obvious, but still – worth mentioning
  2. A debian distribution, net install is fine: https://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/current/amd64/iso-cd/
  3. Valid SSL certificate for the server (few tips regarding dns names etc later)
  4. Physical or Virtual Machine(strongly advised) with at least 2GB RAM and 20GB HDD, 1 CPU is fine
  5. One test PC or VM
  6. Ocs Inventory Agent, OCS Packager and OCS Inventory NG Server. All can be downloaded from OCS Inventory GitHub Project in Releases sections.

After completing this guide you will have fully working OCS Inventory NG server version 2.5 with agent installed and OCS Agent Package ready. Also, all communication will be done using SSL(yes – all, including inventory, deployment info and deployment fragments!), so data will be secured.

Steps that will be performed:

  1. Install newest version of Debian and upgrade
  2. Install Apache and MySQL, tools and packages
  3. Install OCS Inventory NG server and configure
  4. Enable SSL
  5. Final touch
  6. Prepare OCS Agent Package and deploy it

I am not adding LDAP/Active Directory authentication yet but can be enabled later. We will see.

You can think that there is quite a lot to do but doing this in test environment took me around 20 minutes(well, after almost 10 tries, tests formats etc.). So if you follow my guide to the line, you should have fully working OCS NG Inventory server in less than 30 minutes!

Ok, so let’s start!