5. OCS Inventory NG Installation

Like I mentioned at the beginning there are two separate roles for OCS NG server:

  • OCS Inventory NG Inventory which collects data from computers and manages tchem
  • OCS Inventory NG Reports which present all data to the end user

I remember that install script was supposed to be one days ago. Recently when I was installing the server I noticed that you need to create links to both ocsreports and z-ocsinventory-server file.

5.1  Installing OCS NG Reports

Navigate to /tmp and download ocsreports package from github:

unpack it and browse inside

run setup

Install Steps below, ENTER means I just pressed Enter button on keyboard

Now, create sym links to ocs server config files:

And a final touch:

edit z-ocsinventory-server.conf and provide correct db, db_host, user and pwd for OCS NG Database

restart Apache one more time and….

Navigate to http://ocsng_ip/ocsreports

You have the DB password noted somewhere, right :) ?

Fill in all info and press Next:

If you land on setup Page just refresh It, login and you will see the magic!

Remove the install file:

At this point OCS NG server is functional.

Now, check if http://ocsng_ip/ocsinventory you should get something like below:

It’s normal since your web browser doesn’t know how to talk to inventory service J Keep it in mind, that “Internal Server Error 500” here means that ocs inventory (z-ocsinventory-server.conf) cannot talk to the database

We need to fine tune it, however, to make most of it!